Glossary of terms

Saadhu: A saint or a hermit.

Dharma: is 'innate law' or 'that which sustains' according to Hindu Philosophy.

Hindutva: denotes the Hindu way of life and thinking.

Kar-Sevak: An overzealous and often violent Hindu who engages in violent acts under the guise of 'preservation of Hindu culture' and 'advancement of the Hindu religion'.

Ram: A Hindu God, appears as the hero in the epic-Ramayana.

Babri Masjid: A mosque built by Babar when he invaded Ayodhya. Ayodhya is supposedly the birth town of Ram.

Sainik: A violent activist member of the Shiv Sena, a political outfit in Bombay.

Shiv Sena: A political outfit in Bombay working for Maharashtrian supremacy and 'social eternity' all over the country.

SwayamSevak: A RSS volunteer.


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