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About us
We, at Conversions Central, are a bunch of people who are deeply interested in solving Mother India's social and economic problems. Social inequalities, constant hardships, the glaring and the ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor, lack of social empowerment and gender injustice stand at the root of our problems today. Added to all this, the lack of a liberal mindset, absence of liberty, negation of freedom of speech, violation of human rights and the non-existance of a distrubuted healthcare system have destroyed the social fabric of this ancient and glorious nation, our Mother India.

Our Mission
Our mission is conveyed by our motto: Each one convert one. This way, people can learn about other religions and thus live in peace and harmony (esp., harmony).

About our Work
How have we managed the impossible task of online religion conversions? When you fill out a form at Conversions Central, wave files (with the extension .wav) are sent to your hard drive and set to play in a continious loop. These wave files are played every time you switch on your computer and go online. Since these .wav file contain recordings of chants, mantras and hymns in the ultrasonic range, they cannot be heard by human ears. But the waves impinge on the neurons of the Spirituality Centre of the cerebral cortex and slowly change your religion. DO NOT attempt to search for these files, they will self-delete, if an attempt is made to locate them.

This technology is known as ReligionWash™.

Side Effects of using ReligionWash™ technology
There is a definite risk of cerebral haemorrhage. This is reported to have happened in some individuals with rigid mindsets and closed minds; the conflict between the converting soundwaves and the thoughts of the individual was great enough to break blood vessels. Since such individuals are rare in this country, this incidence of this side effect is also quite rare. Flexibility and tolerance are the hallmarks of an Indian citizen.

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