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The dictionary defines the word technology as (tek nol´ e jë):
1)the science or study of the practical or industrial arts, applied sciences, etc.
2)dealing with the practical, industrial, or mechanical arts or the applied sciences, used in, or peculiar to a specific science art, craft, etc.

This is probably the only word in the definition series that doesn't need much of an elaboration. Simply put, technology is the science of applied science and the creation of art. We only need to concern ourselves with the first aspect of technology, i.e., the study of the application/s of the sciences.

Bharatiya technology?

The application of sciences cannot be different in different points of the earth, physics is the same at all points of the universe. Consider now, the call for a 'Bharatiya Technology' by the Sangh Parivar. A term like 'Bharatiya technology' is meaningless as such 'technology' would entail the creation of machines that work in India but nowhere else 'as they are suited exclusively to Indian conditions'. The values for the variables involved in the application of a science may change, but the variables will remain, irrespective of geographical location. Adaptation of machinery and equipment designed to work in temperate conditions to the tropical conditions of India is not creation of new technology, it is only a modification of certain variables of a pre-existing technology.

Other opponents of technology

Environmentalists, ecofeminists and Swadeshi proponents are the few voices who are resolutely against new technology, new devices; some voices within these movements are generally against any technology. The excuses: detachment from Mother Nature(ecofeminists); global warming, ozone holes and apocalypse (environmentalists) and imperial domination by transnational corporations (Swadeshi).

Note that proponents of the anti-technology brigade has nothing to offer as an alternative to the technologies that they seek to destroy. Note that all they appeal to is your 'feelings' or your fears.

The only effective answer that can be given to these 'opponents of technology' is the demonstration of a higher standard of living by modern technology.

1. Culture
2. Environment
3. Religion
4. Secularism
5. Society
6. Technology
7. Tradition

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