Gujarat was intended as a Model Hindu Rashtra
It is turning into a medieval battlefield instead

The attacks on Churches and Christian educational institutions has reached an all-time high in Gujarat. According to Communalism Combat, some 436 minor or major 'incidents' have occured in Gujarat in the past one year alone.

What I intend is to examine are the statements made by the spokespersons of the BJP on this issue, at the latest. The series of statements made by the members of the Sangh Parivar is a pointer to the way these people rake up and then close down communal issues

"The riots in Gujarat are the result of local social tensions after allurements were offered for conversion to Christianity"
—BJP General Secretary, M.Venkaih Naidu.
The actual meaning: We will create local social tensions if Christians convert Hindus.

"It's a planned conspiracy against India. Some countries...want to tarnish the image of India internationally. They want to create the image that the minorities are not safe under the BJP rule."
— Uma Bharati
The actual meaning: Pakistanis are destroying the Churches in Gujarat

"...The funds brought into the country for the propogation of Christianity were used for the purchase of arms and other equipment to conduct a violent assault on the Indian State."
—Board Resolution, VHP board of trustees.
The actual meaning: The Pope, who advocates violence, is directly overseeing conversion operations in Gujarat from Vatican.

"Mother Teresa falsely pretended that she worked for the welfare of human beings while indulging in conversions"
— VHP chief, Ashok Singhal.
The actual meaning: Mother Teresa worked as a secret agent for the Pope (!).

"Prof. Amartya Sen will be exploited by Churches in India to get more foriegn funds which would be used for conversion."
— VHP chief, Ashok Singhal
The actual meaning: Amartya Sen is working with the Pope.

"...In fact, many of the Churches said to have been burnt down, were temporary structures serving as prayer halls and most of these had only been slightly damaged."
—M.B. Kaushal, Special Secretary, Member of the Home ministry Team to Ahmedabad
The actual meaning: We wont take these things seriously until whole churches the size of Babri Masjid come crashing down.

" fact, the whole incident has been blown out of proportion."
— Home Ministry Team Report after their visit to Ahmedabad.
The actual meaning: We had wanted to destroy the churches in a covert operation.

"...the incidents of violence are only sporadic.."
— Keshubhai Patel, Chief Minister, Gujarat.
The actual meaning: Keshubhai Patel considers these incidents as normal, something which happens all over the country on a regular basis.

"India is a secular nation..."
—Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Prime Minister of India.
The actual meaning: India is a secular nation, Gujarat is a Hindu Rashtra.

"The BJP does not need sermons on secularism. Secularism is in our blood."
—Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Prime Minister of India.
The actual meaning: The secular forces of Bajrang Dal, VHP and the Jagran Manch are attacking churches because their blood is overflowing with the ideals of secularism.

"...we compliment the state government for taking prompt action against the wrong doers. The Gujarat Government has done a laudable job."
—Party resolution, The BJP National Meet in Bangalore.
The actual meaning: Keshubhai Patel is a great Kar-sevak.

"...I call for a national debate on the issue of conversions."
—Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Prime Minister of India
The actual meaning: The attacks are not to be spoken about, conversions should be discussed.

A pattern emerges

If one follows the statements issued by the BJP a pattern emerges; the initial statements justifying and encouraging acts of violence and arson, the subsequent statements- twisting, tortuous attempts to evade responsibility for the acts committed using rationalizations and intimidations, and finally the latest statements praising and congratulating the prime accused.

In addition to all this, numerous statements smearing the people who condemned the attacks on the churches, character assassination and condemnation for 'failing to defend Indian Culture' follow.

The main objective—to impose, by force, a code of values on the state.

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