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Is every Indian 'essentially' a Hindu?
Does a single minimum but all-pervading culture exist in our country? The answer for this crucial question is important to argue/fight with certain contentions and assumptions 'imposed' upon the minds of men today.

Can a teacher preach/teach the non-existance of God?
The teacher can teach the non-existance of a God to his students. But why would the 'believers of God' disagree?

As a nation, are we new or old?
Centuries and centuries of history stand behind our people. Does that make India an old nation or a new one?

What is the meaning of nationbuilding?
Who should build our nation? why should one do it? The political and personal identity of a nation to an individual, are discussed in this essay.

Is there a conflict between 'modernity' and 'Indian culture'?
A question that nobody in the towns and cities want to ask, and a question that deserves the clearest answer.

What exactly does an NRI miss?
A man who sets out to a foreign land to make his fortune; what is it about his homeland that he misses? Which is the true nation of an individual?

Are reservations useful or harmful?
A simple question. A simple straightforward answer.

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