Can a teacher preach/teach the non-existance of God?

Without the parents and the teachers telling a child about God, will he originate such a concept in his head? The concept of God is a complex one, it arises out of a psycho-epistemologcial need of the subconscious of man. God is a direct expression of the understanding that man in not a omnipotent omniscient creature. It is a crude understanding of the nature of the functioning of the human mind, a projection of the polar opposite of man's perceptual and conceptual limitations.

The origin of the concept of God lies in man's attempts to an understanding of the metaphysical. If one closely observes ancient cultures and religions, nearly every metaphysically given entity—fire, water, lightning, thunder, earth, celestial objects, animals have Gods associated with, or named after them.

The progress of Science placed these entities out of godly considerations. As an example, we have Indra-the God of lightning and thunder in Hindu mythology who was tamed when Benjamin Franklin built lightning rods.

The Gods, whom we have today with us, are the Gods who stands for the metaphysical facts of man himself. Will science help us out again? Only to a certain extent. What can help then? What can redeem us from the Gods by answering the questions in men's minds which gave rise to these Gods? Where is that which can break us from the chains which the last of the Gods Jesus, Vishnu, Allah, and Buddha have tied us with?

This is the perspective to be presented to children today. Or the teacher should teach in such a way that there is no obstruction to an objective understanding of the concept of God in children's minds. Let the teacher teach with an understanding that God is is only an attempt by man in reaching the highest possible to him.

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