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Togadia and Azad: Debate between a priest and a liberal
After resisting much 'temptation', we talk about the issue of conversions.

For the different men
—Srinivasan Sivan
Srinivasan talks to the poor man, the corrupt man and the priest.

Conversions Central
Anupama Rani.
This section is also devoted to the conversions 'debate'. Convert your religion online, for FREE!!

Alanis Morissette and Sheela Gowda
Anupama Rani
These three women, wittingly or unwittingly, are the symbols of the cultural degeneration of our age.

A national debate on Vajpayee
As the war against the Christians in India rages on, where does the Prime Minister stand? Is he just dangling a carrot in front of the national English press by calling for a 'debate' on conversions?

The Replies to Integral Humanism Series
The philosophy of the Bharatiya Janata Party is Integral Humanism. This shows that they recognize a need for a philosophical and a moral base for political action. Yet what is the content of their philosophy? And why is Integral Humanism a false philosophy?

An ugly core and its shell
The Sangh Parivar only thinks like how any religion-driven organization would think. It is not the content of Hindu philosophy that is the problem, it is the reliance of faith that any religion demands that is...

Reason and passion
Eric Leberman
In this article, Leberman examines reason and passion as the moving forces for life and contends that democracy has some serious flaws.

The use of logic in arguments
Aristotelian logic is a rare entity in arguments today. Rarely do people start and sustain an argument in which premises are clearly defined and a logical end sought. This series of articles examines the use of logic in arguments and holds as wrong, some commonly held conceptions about arguments.

Why the Saffron is nothing but the Red
An examination of the Swadeshi policy of the Sangh Parivar only reveals that the Sanghists are now clamoring to do what the CPI(M) intended to do since ages. The crystallization of the ideas of the Swadeshi brigade has made it increasingly difficult to distinguish them from the Communists.

'Animal Rights'
The issue of rights and animal-rights is examined here. Maneka Gandhi and every man who thinks that animals have rights should be reading

Love for Animals
This is a rejoinder to the article, Animal Rights. It contends that "...man can and does love animals but not in the way the 'man-haters' seem to proclaim".

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