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For the different men
—Srinivasan Sivan

For the Poor Man...

V. Srinivasan Sivan is Associate Editor of AntiBJP. He wrote these essays six months ago. He can be reached at

Is it true, that you want to live on the blood and flesh of another man; is it true that you want to grow, live at his expense? Men live because they work and earn their living. Don't you want to earn your living?

Let me tell those who do not want to earn their living, but want to receive it-you are no worse than beggars. Let me ask them-why do cry about injustice and hunger when you are just a beggar?

Do you want to eat your meal at the end of a long hard day, or do you want it served in front of you, for free? Do you like hard, brutal work or do you crave for the soft cushion beneath your legs?

Many are the 'social workers', 'development authorities', 'leaders', 'project heads', 'inspectors' and 'collectors'. How many are you? You are one. Why so many for a single you?

Do you want to feed on the handouts of these men? Do you want to live off those who live off? Or do you want to create your own wealth? 'Project leaders', 'collectors' and 'inspectors' live off your blood, it is your poverty that warrants their salary.

Long enough have you lived under the landlords, you are free now. You are free from the landlords, but are you free of the new landlords—the 'social workers' and 'development authorities'?

Don't extend you palm to someone who likes your condition. The landlord denied your meal, the social workers eat from you plate. Don't extend your palm to the one who needs you to be poor for his stomach to be filled.

Don't beg anyone, with both your extended arms folded at the elbow. No beggar ever became richer than those who put the coins in his hands. Don't beg with one hand folded and the other holding a gun—a lesson the 'social worker' will teach you.

Do you want your children to lead a better life? How will they do what you have haven't shown them to do? How will they learn what you didn't know? How will they not long for the cushion under their legs when you feed them with the blood and flesh of those who chose to walk on thorns and stones?

Ask the social worker who has 'chosen to improve' your lot—"don't you want to improve your lot?". Ask those who want to work in social developmental projects—"Why do you work for me? Ask them don't you want to work for yourselves".

And then it will be out, their infernal secret. The secret that these men live not for themselves but for you, they do not live for you, but they live off you. Do you want to beg from a man who feeds you your own blood? Do you want to beg from the man who feeds himself and you with the coins of those who worked, those who made their money? Do you want to learn how to lead your life from a man who doesn't know how to lead his?

There are a lot of rats and cockroaches around. Will you be a tiger in the forest or a flea on a rat? Don't yearn to be a parasite, don't love the man who cares for parasites.

Earn your own coins, let them be a few at first but earn them on your own. If your landlord ties you down with labor, run. Run away from the other slaves, they may like to work and toil for no return, but don't commit crimes for your brotherhood. If you don't want to run, fight. Fight to the death, if death is what it takes to break your chains, then break your chains with death itself, but break them.

Feed your son, not with the blood of others, but with your sweat. He will savor that and nothing else. He will grow and teach you greater things, but only if you show him what you have learnt. Wasted is the life of a man who bears a son who couldn't teach him a thing.

Shun all those who teach you how to beg, steal or rob. They are half-breeds, basking in the hot coals of your squalor. Go to the man who teaches you to earn. Beware of the 'social worker', he tells you that he works for you, not for himself. He tells you that his joy lies in your happiness. Beware of such a man, he doesn't love himself.

Beware of the 'development authority', he comes to you with stolen money. Don't listen to him, he has taken money from those who earned it to give it to people haven't earned it.

Be careful, you poor man, be careful. There are many who want to improve your lot, I want you to improve your lot.

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