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For the different men
—Srinivasan Sivan

For the Corrupt one...

Hail O corrupt one!! I pay my thanks and respect to you. Welcome O corrupt one, welcome to the world, where everyone hates you, where everyone is afraid of you; for it is only you that walks tall amongst men.

I pay my thanks to you, corrupt one, for draining the coffers of the thieves. I pay my respect to you, corrupt one, for knowing that one can live for oneself.

Don't listen to those who decry the corrupt, it is they who have corrupted their souls, nay, it is they who have sold their souls. Don't bother about accusations, court cases, and their slimy incessant vitriolic barrage on you, your resilience will beat them.

Accumulate wealth, O corrupt one, the coins you steal from the vaults of the thieves do not belong there. Steal from the poor, O corrupt one, steal from the poor who think that stolen money, the money wrested from the hands of the rich, is theirs, by right.

I celebrate for you, for it is you who lives as one should live. I celebrate for you, for it is you who hasn't learnt to live for another man. Stand venerated, O corrupt one, for it is you who cannot live for anyone but yourself.

Black sheep, Wolf, Lioness, do your work. The world would rot without you. Do your work, gorge yourself on the rotting carcasses around you, feed on living flesh, drink blood and feast on the putrid meat. Is living not possible anymore? Do they seem to say so?

Prove them wrong, prove the rats and the cockroaches wrong by living. Live off their their blood and laugh at them.

You virtuous parasite; those who want to die, have no right to life. Don't be swayed by their preaching and prayers. Those who steal shall not preach to those who rob. The petty thief shall not teach morals to the murderer.

Do I need to point out to you, O noble one, that you are the most virtuous? If pleasure and money are sins and pain virtue for your neighbors then you are a saint to them. Your are a saint then, because you relieve them of their money and thus their sins and cause them pain, thus giving them their virtue.

You are only one who cannot help but live for oneself. No! do not stop preying on the poor, destroy the homes of the poor who live on the money that is not theirs. No! Do not stop preying on the coffers of the thieves! No money will reach you otherwise.

Thanks again, O corrupt one, for becoming rich. Thanks, for becoming wealthy. Thanks for showing a people that they will get no more than what they deserve.

For the poor man...
For the corrupt one...
For the priest...

Part #3. For the priest...