An ugly core and its  shell
Why does the Sangh Parivar do what it does?
An analysis of Sangh behavior
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The ideological content of the members of the Sangh Parivar cannot be directly studied from the statements of BJP party members. But it can be examined by studying the statements and the speeches made by the fringe-elements of the Sangh Parivar like the Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal, and the various Jagran Manchs and Parishads.

The 'moderates' and the 'extremists' of the Sangh Parivar are not on opposite sides of the fence, they are on the same side. The 'extremists' are deep inside, deep in the heart of the corrupt, ugly, foul smelling, slimy, venomous core that the Sangh Parivar is. The 'moderates' form a shell around them, protecting them, hiding their activities, supporting them.

Why is the core rotten? And why does the shell support the core?

The single thread of unity running through the thought of all Sangh entities is the Hindu religious system of faith and beliefs. Since a religious system of beliefs is sustained and supported by the faith of its followers, it is the most faithful of the followers and the mystics who claim to truly understand the principles of that religion who have a vice grip on all the followers of that religion. The Kar-Sevaks are the faithful army, the Saadhus (VHP leaders) are the mystics. And it is these who have a vice-grip over the followers of the Sangh Parivar. And since Kar-Sevaks subscribe to faith as a living principle, reason and logic are not words in their dictionary, force and coercion are.

The relation between the Kar-Sevak brute and his Saadhu leader is thus a reciprocal one. The Saadhu provides encouragement and justification for the acts the Kar-Sevak commits, and the Kar-Sevak keeps the Saadhu happy by carrying out the 'word of God' fervently.

What are the 'moderates' doing?

The ''moderates'' are the non-KarSevak non-Saadhu members of the Sangh Parivar. They are a diverse group of people, the same thread of unity runs through the 'moderates' as well. These are men with a mind, minds which are capable of comprehending that Kar-Sevaks and the mystics are wrong. But these are minds which either evade answering such questions in their minds or are still groping for a complete understanding. It is this set of men who build the party, contribute in money or kind, work out election strategies for the BJP.

But it these men, no the mystics and the Kar-Sevaks who are the guiltiest. Because it these men, who have give up thinking and reasoning which they subscribe to vehemently and stand by, in the field of moral and philosophical judgement. This makes them listen to Saadhus for moral judgement and turns them to Integral Humanism for a guiding philosophy for ethics in polity. This is their basic inconsistency.

The 'moderate' ends up protecting the Kar-Sevak

A religious system of belief is valuable to man because it raises all fundamental philosophical questions which man should answer. But the advantages end there; religion depends on faith to answer these questions. So a system of religious beliefs should be understood and studied only in this context. But the Sangh Parivar's functioning depends on nullification of this truth. So, under religion as a guiding system, the ''moderates'' will obviously find themselves overwhelmed by brute force of the Kar-Sevaks because it is to them that they have given the process of reasoning and policy-formation. And it will be the actions of the very same Kar-Sevaks which will have to be defended because after all, the Kar-Sevaks are the servants of the God which the 'moderates' worship. Because after all, the Kar-Sevak is only defending and promoting the same system of thought which the 'moderate' prescribes to.

This is why the party members of the BJP end up bending over backwards defending idiots like Bal Thackeray and Ashok Singhal when the Saininks and Kar-Sevaks are running amok 'defending Indian culture', stopping movie screenings and rock concerts, attacking churches and digging up cricket pitches. This is why the BJP is forced to backtread and bungle on issues when RSS chiefs start making noises.

Which is why the 'moderates' who have given up thinking and reason in favor of religious faith and belief put in all their energy and work hard as a degenerating, rotting mottled coat over the melting slimy venomous insides of the carcass that the Sangh Parivar is.

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