What exactly does an NRI miss?

The love of a man for his country is the sum of his responses to the principles which his country stands for. It is a sense of pride for the everyday manifestations and affectations of the set of values which a country upholds. A nation is a group of people, who by voluntary choice, agree to abide by and uphold a standard of life. There may be various forms and methods of implementing this principle for a nation, but implementing it in some way, it must.

There is only one reason why people keep running away from India to the U.S—the immorality of its socialist ethics and the ensuing lack of opportunity.

A curious mixture of altruist-pragmatic combination of ideas reign in people's minds today. None of these philosophies are morally right or acceptable to a thinking Indian citizen. He may not be able to explain in clear concrete terms, the exact moral wrongs of the Indian ethics, but he definitely understands it. He is conscious of it, but he may not have conceptualized it. But he runs because he acts on his judgements.

As an answer to the question posed, take a look at this letter from Pallavi Aiyar, New Delhi, published in the Times of India:

View from Oxford

"Much to the delight of my mother, relatives and friends, I returned to Delhi after two years at Oxford, unlike many who prefer to make a lot money and gain the coveted status of NRIs. "Well done, beta, the country needs a girl like you", croons an aunt; "West may have wealth, but Hindustan has heart", says wise ex-headmaster; "I love my India", proclaims the nauseatingly jingoistic song, form Subash Ghai's Pardes.

"I wish desperately that I were back in England's green and pleasant land. For, as much as this country ostensibly needs me, there is little it holds for me in return. Boredom, the BJP, sexism, mediocrity, endless onion talk, heat, nepotism, a value system that according to Ms. Sushma Swaraj's definition excludes phone sex, pollution, cynicism and appalling driving.

"I want to to be able to walk down to the post office and by a stamp without having to furiously avoid every man's gaze, ignoring their sniggers. I want to be able to get a job on the basis of my first from Oxford and not because Daddy called the boss.

"I want to be intellectually spurred on, by all those incredibly bright people who went abroad and stayed there because they wanted the same things. And most of all, I want us to stop being so smug and self-congragulatory, gloating because we have a nuclear bomb.

"The day all of us, and I mean journalists, businesswomen, astronauts and everyone else, stop overtaking from the left, possibly things will get better and England won't seem green but gray instead.

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