The introductory essays to the site
An appeal to BJP supporters
The philosophy of a nation
which is the lesser evil?

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Togadia and Azad: Debate between a priest and a liberal
Talks about the issue of conversions.

For the different men
By Srinivasan Sivan. Speaks to the poor man, the corrupt man, and the priest.

Conversions Central
By Anupama Rani. Convet your religion online for FREE!

Nafisa Joseph, Alanis Morissette, Sheela Gowda
By Anupama Rani. She asks: "What are these three women the symbol of?"

A national debate on Vajpayee
The PM's Sangh Policy

The 'Replies to Integral Humanism' Series
The series of articles designed as a reply to Integral Humanism, the philosophy of the BJP.
1. Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha
2. The core of Integral Humanism Part-1
3. The core of Integral Humanism Part-2
4. "We want neither capitalism nor socialism!"
5. The conclusion

The use of logic in arguments
1. The use of examples
2. The weapons of Pragmatism

God and religion
An analysis of the two concepts

An ugly core and its shell
An analysis of Sangh behaviour

Why the Saffron is nothing but the Red
Comparision of the statements of the Swadeshi Jagran Manch and the statements of the CPI (M).

Reason and passion
By Eric Leberman. Reason and passion as life-sustaining forces in man.

Animal Rights
Why animals can't have rights

Love for Animals
This is a rejoinder to the preceding article.


Is every Indian 'essentially' a Hindu?
Can a teacher preach/teach the non-existance of God?
As a nation, are we new or old?
What is the meaning of nationbuilding?
Is there a conflict between 'modernity' and 'Indian culture'?
What exactly does an NRI miss?
Are reservations useful or harmful?

The History of the Bhaaratiya Janata Party
A summary of the History of the BJP
The demolition of tha Babri Masjid-A dateline

The Women's Reservation Bill
The day of the slimy venomous creature has come-The attacks on Churches in Gujurat

A Glossary of Sangh terms
The text of Integral Humanism
The Sangh Parivar
Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi's views on Feminism
Kushubhau Thakre's Pre-election speech of Nov'98

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